Curtain, Shoji Tabuchi Theatre 1996
 Jennifer, The Jennifer In The Morning Show, 1995
 Rug, The Blue Velvet Theatre, 1996
 Lobby, Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, 1996
 On Stage, The Sons of the Pioneers Theatre, 1997
 Ceiling, The Blue Velvet Theatre, 1995
 Charlie Pride On Stage, 1996
 Tim With John, Elvis, Marilyn, Charlie, Parking Lot, 1995
 Dr. David Stauffer, The Grand Old Gospel Hour, 1997
 Mickey's Piano, The Gilley Theatre, 1995
 Cheryl Kartsonakis, The Grand Palace Theatre, 1996
 Reindeer, A Branson Christmas, 1997
 Bobby Vinton and His Mother, 1996
 Sunny and Her Horse, 1997
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