Art Cheerleaders, MFA Boston , 2005
  Hillside Houses, Pikeville, Kentucky , 1974
  Waiting in Line, Grand Ole Opry at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN , 1974
  Abandoned Car, Highway 1, Marksville, LA , 2008
  Lonie at Church Picnic, St. Thomas Manor, founded 1641, Port Tobacco, Maryland , 1998
  Shade Tree Mechanic, Marksville, Louisiana , 2008
  Photographer, Carol’s Pub, Chicago , 2013
 Folkies all, 1968. Clockwise from top left: Joan Baez at Boston Public Garden • John Cohen and Don Reno at the University of Chicago Folk Festival • Joni Mitchell at the Philadelphia Folk Festival • Buddy Guy at the Philadelphia Folk Festival
  Ruth Brown, Michael’s Pub, New York City,  1985
  Boozoo Chavis, Rock ‘n’ Bowl, New Orleans, Louisiana , 1994
 Harry Callahan with photographers and teachers. Surrounding Harry are (left to right): Emmet Gowin (Princeton University), Jim Dow (School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Tufts University), and John McWilliams (Georgia State University), 1996.
  Chammie, My Parent’s Bedroom, Newton, Massachusetts , 1972. One of my few color photos from this time.
  Roz, Hancock, New Hampshire , 1971
  Solo Fan, Thompson Speedway, Thompson, Connecticut , 1972
  Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, Symphony Hall, Boston, Massachusetts , 1972
horenstein_ shoot what you love_0017.png
horenstein_ shoot what you love_0018.png
horenstein_ shoot what you love_0019.png
horenstein_ shoot what you love_0020.png
  Secretariat Takes a Bath, Winner Triple Crown 1973, Claiborne Farms, Paris, Kentucky , 1989
  Maryland George, Northampton Fair, Northampton, Massachusetts , 1985
  Garth Brooks, Fan Fair, Nashville, Tennessee , 1994
  Early Bird, Trout’s, Bakersfield, California , 2013
  Prince Poppycock, Los Angeles, California , 2006
  Gatemouth Brown, New Orleans, Louisiana , 1985
  Fais Do-Do, Avoyelles Parish Mardi Gras, Marksville, Louisiana , 2008
  Irma Thomas Fans, Jazz Fest, New Orleans , 1985
  Gerald Walsh on His Farm, Marksville, Louisiana , 2009
  Clockwise from top left : Working for Polaroid gave me a good salary and expense account. I shot kids at Fenway Park • A peanut vendor there, too • Ellie in Mexico somewhere • Mary Lynn in Saratoga Springs
  Clockwise from top left : And there was a fan gear vendor outside Fenway Park • Brooke Shields at Hialeah Park Race Track in Florida • Some random guy near the Santa Monica Pier • Skating champion Caryn Kadavy in Colorado
  Emmylou Harris at Home, Los Angeles , 1980
  At the Dartmouth Drive-In, Route 6, Dartmouth, Massachusetts , 1985
  Counter, Al Mac’s Diner, Route 6, Fall River, Massachusetts , 1985
  Boxing at the Harvard Club, Boston , 1976
  Venezuelan Kids Play Ball, Caracas , 1996
  Huvaldo at Practice, Caracas , 1996   
  Natick Redhawks Take a Break, Natick, Massachusetts , 1987
  Cheerleaders on the Bus, Natick, Massachusetts , 1987
  Brown Sea Nettles , Chrysaora fuscescens, 2000
  Cownose Ray , Rhinoptera bonasus, 1997
  Domestic Great Dane,  Canis lupus familiaris, 1998
  Cheryl Kartsonakis, The Grand Palace Theatre, Branson, Missouri , 1996
horenstein_ shoot what you love_0044.png
  Tim Garrett with John, Elvis, Marilyn, Charlie, Parking Lot, Branson, Missouri , 1995
  Camel Coitus, Dubai, UAE , 1996
  Camel Jockey, Dubai, UAE , 1996
  Aunt Lonie at Home, Bel Alton, Maryland,   2008
  Mr. Leonard A. Scott, Hillcrest Heights, Maryland , 1998
  Aunt Lonie’s Living Room, Bel Alton, Maryland , 1997
  Wrestler Down, Guatemala City , 2010
  Slow Dancing, El Mani Club, Caracas , 2011
  Engine Trouble, Havana , 2000
  Man with Cigarette, Malecón, Havana , 2000
  Thigh and Belly, Boston , 2005
  Teeth, Boston , 2006
  Eyelashes, Boston , 2005
  Jess in Bear Mask, Boston , 2008
  Flambeaux, New York City , 2006
  Go Go Dancer, The Slipper Room, New York City , 2008   
  Aliza after Her Stroke, Boston , 2012
  Preacher Jack, Tavern at the End of the World,  Somerville, Massachusetts , 2009
  Brian Szela as Phoebe Klein, Jacques Cabaret, Boston , 2007
  On the Street, Trastevere, Rome , 2014
  Giovanni, Largo Argentina, Rome , 2014
  Couple in Love, Rome , 2014
  Franco, Rome , 2014
 Still from  Partners , with Julie Atlas Muz and Matt Frazier
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